Who We Are


At Professional Staffing Solutions, our mission is to provide clients with the best opportunity possible to achieve gainful, fulfilling employment. We sincerely believe that our success is based on the cooperative relationship between employees, which is why we are committed to attracting and retaining talented, hardworking, and dedicated employees to fill positions on your staff.

We set the bar high when it comes to conducting business, expecting courteous from everyone at all times.

Why Choose Professional Staffing Solutions?

Of all staffing agencies in Eastern North Carolina, why should you choose us? If you’re expanding your business, starting a new business, increasing your work load, need a temporary employee to fill a leave of absence, or need additional employees for an event, a staffing company can help you find talent quickly. For long and short term needs, we are a local firm that has solutions that cost less than hiring a consultant and recruiter. We verbally communicate consistently and thoroughly with our clients and potential employees, and expect the same from them. We understand how crucial it is for employees to possess excellent verbal communication skills because that leads to the delivery of excellent service.

In addition to communication, we place emphasis on the thought process an employee should have while in a professional environment. This process determines how decision-making, discretion, and independent judgment are used.

What We Can Do For You

Professional Staffing Solutions offers more than employee placement services. We also work with you after you have filled all positions, or in between hiring, to provide these services for no additional cost:

  • Reports (New Hire, Turnover, Absentee, Worker’s Compensation)
  • Background Checks
  • On-Site Coordinator upon client request
  • Drug Screenings

Our team also knows there are costs associated with hiring staff members, including taxes, payroll, worker’s compensation, and benefits. We strive to eliminate the cost of the time it would take for your hiring manager to recruit new staff.

Our Locations

2289 W 5th Street, Suite 200
Washington, NC 27889
Phone: 252.940.0070
Fax: 252.940.0156

105 SE Railroad Street
Enfield, NC 27823
Phone: 252.445.9800
Fax: 252.940.0156

1400 Old Mill Circle, Suite A
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone: 336.893.6780
Fax: 252.940.0156

214-B S Steele St.
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919.777.0220
Fax: 252.940.0156