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Information for Employers

Professional Staffing Solutions is on the brink of penetrating a lucrative market in a rapidly-growing economy. Professional Staffing Solutions matches specifically skilled workers with clients, who in turn, save businesses time and money, while providing for its employees and clients with honesty and integrity.

Our mission is to provide associates the golden opportunity to achieve gainful employment.

All of Professional Staffing Solutions clients and employees are important to the company, and we are committed to attracting and retaining quality employees.


Job Boards, which is an employment site that allows employers to post job requirements for a position that is available.

Outplacement Services will be provided to employees that were affected by a layoff. Professional Staffing Solutions will provide counseling to guidance with resume writing, job placement help, and much more.

Contingent Search / Permanent Placement / Direct Hire / Employment Agency Services, which are services that work with the client to define the skills, culture, environment, and reporting structure that is critical to the position. This means that once the qualifications have been defined, Professional Staffing Solutions will review the candidates and only submit the top three candidates to the client. This will spare the company the significant time and energy required to inter view unqualified people.

Temp -to-hire / Temp-to-perm staffing service offers client a chance to tr y out a worker on a temporary basis and to hire that worker later if the client wishes to do so.

Seasonal Employee / Seasonal Worker services, which are workers that are often hired part-time or on a temporary basis to help with increased work demands or seasonal industry fluctuations.

Temporary staffing services are services that supply client companies with workers for a short-term basis, either to fill in for absent employees or to supplement existing staff during particularly busy times.

Long-term staffing services specialize in placing employees in long-term assignments, for indefinite periods of time. Project-related assignments, such as those found in the professional and technical sectors often require
long-term staffing.

We fill a variety of positions and specialties.

Whether you need a short-term contractor or a long-term contrac tor, we can service your needs. Our services include:

  • Contract positions
  • Contract-to-permanent positions
  • Permanent Positions
  • Professional Services

The advantages of using Professional Staffing Solutions include the following:

  • Pre -tested, pre-screened employees. Clients get employees who are ready for work.
  • Reduced turnover. Replacing permanent employees is expensive. All companies want to reduce turnover and its associated costs.
  • Savings of time and money. There is no need for clients to invest in recruitment or human resources efforts.
  • “Tried and true” employees. Clients get to try out prospective employees to see if they provide a good fit for the company.

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